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The Full RAMS Pack includes..

  • Index sheet 
  • RAMS explanation/Info sheet 
  • Worker safety information sheet
  • Employers & Managers  information sheet
  • Assessment Review templates 
  • Supporting advice/guidance reference list
  • 15 Risk Assessment with Method Statements as listed below


  1. Vehicle Breakdown Assistance
  2. Vehicle Transportation / Recovery - Basic
  3. Wheel Change
  4. Jump Starting a Vehicle
  5. Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Assistance
  6. Manual Handling
  7. Slips, Trips & Falls
  8. Roadside Working
  9. Motorway Assistance
  10. Customer / Vehicle Occupant Safety
  11. Vehicle Recovery - Advanced
  12. Motorcycle Recovery
  13. Roll Away Vehicle
  14. Working Under Vehicles
  15. Driving at Work


Each Risk Assessment Includes

  • Identification of potential hazards

  • How the hazards may be present in the task

  • Who might be harmed and how

  • The control measures required

  • The assessed risk level before and after control measures are in place

  • A method statement which provides steps to be taken to carry out work safely

  • A review record sheet


Each assessment and method statement are complete with details 

They are not templates which require filling in or editing.

If at anytime further hazards and/or control measures specific to your business are identified, these can be easily documented by filling in the 'review record’ sheet provided.


Your company logo/branding is included on the documents.

Afetr purchase just send a good quality image/file of your logo to, a small logo will be included in the top right corner of the documents and a large logo on the cover


Optional - Recieve the pack in a proffesionally printed ring binder.


Please input the 'Authorised Company' Name -

This will be stated on the documents and will be the only company permitted to use the documents. In line with Copyright, Disclaimer & Terms of use.


The RAMS will be sent to you in PDF format

(and in a proffesionally printed ring binder if that option is chosen)


If you prefer to recieve an invoice to purchase please contact us and we will arrange

Complete RAMS Pack

  • The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) state that risk assessment should be carried out by someone who is competent to do so (has the right skills, knowledge, experience & understands when specialist help may be needed) More info

    We have relevant qualifications, accreditations and experience which means we are able to produce risk assessments that are suitable for purpose

    Authorised use for one company/individual only, no authority is given to copy, replicate or distribute.

    Copyright, Disclaimer & Terms of use apply - see details stated in the additional info section, you can also contact us with any questions.

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