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Risk Assessments 

With Method Statement (RAMS)

For Vehicle Breakdown Assistance & Recovery

Our RAMS have been created to meet the needs of a business undertaking vehicle breakdown assistance and/or vehicle recovery activities.

Each RAMS is complete with specific details relating to the work undertaken, possible risks involved and control measures required. They are not templates which require filling in.

Used correctly they will help ensure workers are as safe as reasonably possible, and that the necessary measures are being taken as required by HSE Guidance / UK Health & Safety at work legislation, as well as other interested parties such as Work providers & ISO / PAS43 Auditors

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your requirements and to ensure the RAMS suit your needs

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) state that risk assessment should be carried out by someone who is competent to do so (has the right skills, knowledge, experience & understands when specialist help may be needed)

Our qualifications, accreditations and experience means we are able to produce risk assessments that are detailed, relevant and suitable for purpose, including...

  • NEBOSH NGC holders (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health),

  • IVR members and authorised training providers (Institute of Vehicle Recovery)

  • ITSSAR Registered Instructor / examiner - Independent Training Standards Scheme & Register

  • RTITB registered instructor - Road Transport Industry Training Board

  • Over 20 years 'hands on' industry experience at all levels


We believe our RAMS to be the most comprehensive and detailed available within the industry, 

We hope that they will help all involved be more informed, safe and compliant.


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Breakdown Assistance

Assisting vehicles in various locations, often in the vicinity of moving vehicles, including at the roadside, conducting fault finding and minor repairs.

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Slips, Trips & Falls

Slip, trip & fall hazards in vehicle servicing, repair, assistance & recovery situations

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Manual Handling

Manual handling activities in vehicle servicing, repair, assistance & recovery

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Vehicle Occupant / Customer Safety 

Vehicle occupants / Customer safety In vehicle breakdown assistance, recovery & transportation situations

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Motorway Assistance

Assisting vehicles on Motorways including ' Smart Motorways', ‘Dynamic Hard Shoulder’ & ‘All Lane Running’ Motorways to conduct fault finding, minor repairs and/or recovery

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Vehicle Recovery - Advanced - Cars & Vans

Recovery of cars & vans onto / with a recovery vehicle/transporter, in a variety of locations and conditions, including accident damaged, off road, locked or damaged wheels

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Motorcycle Recovery

Loading and unloading of motorcycles onto a recovery vehicle/transporter, in a variety of locations and conditions, including damaged & mechanical faults

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Driving at Work

Driving vehicles as part of work activities

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Roadside Working

Attending vehicles in various roadside situations including hard shoulders, roadside verges & high speed dual carriage ways to conduct fault finding, minor repairs and/or recovery

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Working Under Vehicles

Working under vehicles in breakdown assistance & recovery situations

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Jump Starting a Vehicle

Performing a ‘jump start’ on cars and light commercial vehicles

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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Assistance

Breakdown Assistance, Recovery and/or transportation of electric & hybrid cars & vans

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Vehicle Transportation / Recovery - Basic - Cars & Vans

Basic Loading and unloading of cars & vans onto a recovery vehicle/transporter, including vehicles with minor damage and faults but remain in a roll-able and/or physically drivable condition.

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Performing a Wheel Change

Changing Wheels on cars & vans, replacing a wheel which may be damaged or flat with another (spare) wheel

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Roll Away Vehicle

Vehicle rolling away during breakdown assistance, transportation and recovery

We also offer a bespoke RAMS writing service

RAMS - Risk Assessments with Method Statements


Vehicle Breakdown Assistance & Recovery

The wide range of work carried out and varied environments encountered when performing vehicle assistance, repair & recovery work presents many hazards and a real possibility of serious consequences 


Consequences of incidents can include property damage, lost money, complaints, poor company image, lost time, staffing issues, lost contracts, increased insurance, injury, death, investigation, fines and prosecution..

We provide services to help companies comply with legal and contractual requirements and to reduce or avoid these consequences.

Some risk can be avoided or reduced, but it is not possible to remove all risk.

The likelihood of an incident occurring and how severe the consequences are will depend on each individual situation.


Below are just some of the common real world factors relating to the risk involved…

  •  Moving vehicles

  •  Manual handling tasks 

  •  Slips, Trip and Falls hazards

  •  Exposure to hazardous substances 

  •  Equipment contact/operation

  •  Other road users and pedestrians

  •  Weather conditions

  •  Reduced visibility

  •  Customer actions/safety

  •  Vehicle position/road type 

  •  Equipment failure/fault 

  •  Vehicle fault/condition 

Even the most simple work presents many of the above hazards… 

A lot for the attending technician to manage all by themselves!


As stated in Health & Safety Law, 

Employers & Employees have responsibilities to ensure risks to health and safety are properly controlled’

Managers and Employers responsibilities include…

  • Assessing risks to employees, customers, and any other people who could be affected by their activities.

  • Effective planning, organization, control, monitoring and review of preventive and protective measures.

  • Consulting employees about their risks at work and current preventive and protective measures.  

  • Providing training, equipment and protective clothing.

Employees have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions at work

  • The technician is often in control of high risk situations, high value vehicles/loads & customer safety

  • It is essential that they have the knowledge and skills required to perform their role competently

Risk Assessments

Training Courses

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