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What is PAS43?

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What is PAS43?: Our Programs

What is PAS 43?
The purpose of PAS 43 is to reduce safety risks for roadside assistance & recovery operators and others who can be affected by their work, It also helps to increase the overall efficiency of companies completing this work.
PAS 43 is a standard published by the British Standards Institution. When a company is PAS43 certified, this verifies that they have an adequate management system in place for vehicle breakdown and recovery operations with procedures that comply with legal requirements, meet safety standards and follow best practices.
To become PAS 43 certified a company must prove they meet its requirements through an external audit process. This involves a person from an authorised inspection company attending and inspecting the companies procedures, records, premises and vehicles, depending on what they find they could pass or fail the company and give recommendations for what needs to be done to gain certification.
Many organisations and individuals prefer to work with a company that is certified. Some groups, such as motoring organisations, suppliers, Highways England and the police will require a company to prove PAS 43 certification before they will offer a contract to them.
Who Does PAS 43 Apply To?
PAS 43 is for organisations such as
Roadside assistance providers, including vehicle breakdown and recovery operators
Emergency services
Those who work on the roadside for government agencies
Those contracting for these roadside services
The courts and HSE also use it as a standard when assessing roadside working practices.
Whats included / required?
A large portion of the requirements of PAS 43 revolve around training,
PAS 43 states that operatives must be trained and the training delivered must meet specific requirements, Training delivered by Exceed Safety meets PAS 43 requirements.
Other requirements include..
All employees must receive training which meets the requirements of PAS 43.
Safety management systems and procedures must be in place and adopted by the company.
Vehicle and equipment maintenance & inspection must meet certain criteria.
vehicles should carry the tools, equipment and safety equipment necessary to carry out the type of work being performed.
All roadside assistance companies should provide their technicians with protective clothing and equipment to use on the job.
Specific best practice must be adopted as per the ‘survive guide’.
The company must maintain its premises and keep it organized according to the standard.
Companies must have adequate insurance and have records and documents to prove they are complying with certain requirements.

What you already have in place will decide how much effort, time and resources you will likely have to invest to achieve certification.
At Exceed Safety we have over 14 year’s experience in the recovery industry as a technician, general manager and industry trainer.
Having prepared for and assisted auditors with many successful PAS43 inspections, we are able to offer assistance and advice if you are considering becoming certified or have an upcoming inspection
We provide roadside and recovery training which meets PAS 43 requirements.


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